Molly Corporation can provide you with a matching Molly Trolley Ticket Booth branding your tour on the sidewalk. The trolley can be out on the route but the Molly Trolley Ticket Booth can be placed in high traffic areas constantly selling your services.

Molly Trolley Ticket Booths are constructed with the same materials as the Molly Trolley, providing years of dependable service.

The Molly Trolley Ticket Booth can be outfitted with any of the features below:
  • 120 Volt Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Shelving
  • Casters for Portability
  • Lockable Interior Cabinets
  • 12 Volt Exterior Marker Lights
  • Locking Entrance Door
  • 120 Volt Outlets for Desktop Equipment
  • Exterior Awnings
  • Interior Shelving
  • Vinyl Exterior Skirt
  • Sliding Service Windows
  • Custom Paint Scheme to Match Trolley
The Molly Trolley Ticket Booth is available for sale for merchandising companies as an upgrade over the traditional RMU. Please contact Molly Corporation to customize a Molly Trolley Ticket Booth for your operation.

Specifications are subject to change without notice